How to Read Deleted Messages on Whatsapp

As recently Whatsapp had launched a feature in which user can delete the sent message and the important thing is that the user can delete the message for the receiver too. So, now you can delete any sent message on Whatsapp Messenger. But here the main thing is that if the sender has deleted the message from his/her end then we can’t see that message.

If we talk about instant messaging application then no doubt Whatsapp comes in our mind and we all use Whatsapp in our daily life. Now if you are a Whatsapp user then you might be aware that there is an option on Whatsapp by which you can delete the Whatsapp message and if you delete message for everyone then even the receiver would not be able to see the message.

read deleted messages whatsapp

Read Deleted Message on Whatsapp

You might also have noticed some of your friends might be able to read even deleted for both the sides. It’s true that Whatsapp’s deleted messages can be seen from the receiver even after the deletion. There are some third party applications available on the Internet which let you see the deleted message on Whatsapp.

Not even the personal messages you can see group deleted messages also with such applications. If you are also looking for such an application which can show you Whatsapp’s deleted messages then here you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to share some tricks which will help you in seeing Whatsapp Deleted Messages.

The very first application comes in my mind for reading Whatsapp Deleted Messages is GbWhatsapp. If you are not aware of GbWhatsapp then let me tell you that GbWhatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp which has many unique features and you can customize it in your own way. The great thing about gbWhatsapp is that you can read deleted messages also. There is an option to Enable Anti-Revok Messages in GbWhatsapp which let you read deleted messages.

How to Read Deleted Messages?

Well, for this task you have to download a third party application on your Android mobile phone. If you are an iOS user then you will be disappointed as this application is not yet available for iOS devices.

  1. At first open Google Play Store on your mobile phone and search for Notisave- Save Notifications application. Click on the Install button.
  2. NotiSave is an application for Android users which saves all your notifications on the mobile phone.
  3. After installing the application open it and grant it Notifications permission.
  4. Now open Settings of application and enable the PassCode option. It will restrict other people to access the saved notifications.
  5. Boom, Now you are ready to read Whatsapp deleted messages.
  6. Now, whenever anyone deletes Whatsapp message then it will be saved in the NotiSave application and you can read that anytime from the NotiSave application.
  7. However, it would not be able to store the full message and if you want to read the complete message then there is an alternative which is GbWhatsapp and you can read any deleted message even of the Group chat with the help of GbWhatsapp.


So here we shared the complete guide on reading Whatsapp’s deleted messages, if you are having any query or suggestion related to Whatsapp Deleted Message then do let us know via the comments section. If the above shared method doesn’t work for you then download the GbWhatsapp Apk and enable the Anti-Revoke Option from the GB Settings.

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