Snovio: to Fullfil your Email Needs

Snovio: to Fullfil your Email Needs

When working with emails professionally, you will need a lot of assistance and skills to run the process smoothly. Snovio has come up with the tools which can effectively help manage emails. Three major tools have been focusing on managing emails for you. Though these tools are not only for professionals, they can be of use to everyone. Let’s know what those tools are and how you can benefit.

Email finder

This tool works like a magic wand. You can extract email from anywhere you want. You can get into different profiles and get their emails. You can also use a domain name to get more leads. The only thing here you need is the Email Finder.

Advantages of using the Email Finder tool

  • Email Finder can extract emails from any webpage including profile pages on social networks.
  • The instrument helps find emails having the exact name of the prospect.
  • You can find all emails from any website, you don’t need to find emails separately.
  • The tool reduces the time that requires to find emails.
  • Email finder can do the work of more than one person.
  • Email finder is cost effective.

Email verifier

Email Verifier helps to separate the wanted and unwanted emails from each other, speed up the work process, and reduce the bounce rate.

Advantages of using the Email Verifier tool

  • This tool helps to remove unwanted emails from the list of leads.
  • You will only get to see the emails which can be worthwhile.
  • Snovio Email Verifier does not charge for removing invalid email addresses which is common everywhere.
  • You can also get to know which emails belong to which category with Email Verifier.

Email tracker

This unusual tool of managing emails helps to check the status of the sent email. You can get the information about the present condition of the email you’ve sent to someone via the Email Tracker tool.

Advantages of using email tracker tool

  • This tool also allows you to see if the email has been read or not.
  • The tracker shows if the recipient has clicked the link inserted in the message or not.
  • You can get to know whether the email is responded.
  • The number of opens and clicks are displayed as well.
  • The tool doesn’t add any signatures or logos.
  • Forever-free and can be integrated with all the Gmail and G Suite accounts on this particular PC.

All these tools are specially designed for email management. With the help of these tools, you can reduce the workload of more than one person and these tools can efficiently manage that all.

Why you should choose Snovio

  • Snovio has been creating user-friendly email management tools which can be easily added to the Chrome browser.
  • The tools designed by Snovio has the ability to manage various office works with a huge database.
  • The after results of every search process or each different tools are informed with proper email.
  • The tools of Snovio reflect accurate results in very little time consumption.
  • The tools of Snovio are easy to access and do not require huge memory.
  • The features are offered for free but if you need, the paid plans are available as well. The pricing is affordable.

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