How to View Hidden Files & Folders on Android Mobile

If you are an Android mobile phone user, then you might be aware of the Hidden Files & Folders. Hidden Files & Folders are those files which are not seen in the Gallery, Video Player and other places in the mobile phones. Usually, Hidden Files begin with a dot in the name such as .photos.

Sometimes you may not find the photos in the Gallery section if they are hidden. If you have moved the files to Hidden section, then such files won’t appear on other places of the mobile phone. To view Hidden Files & Folders you have to unhide them and if you are not aware of unhiding files then here we have written this guide to know more about unhiding files in Android device.

How to View Hidden Files & Folders on Android Mobile

How to View Hidden Photos & Folders on Android

In some mobile phones there is a preloaded feature of showing Hidden Files in the File Manager and if you enable show Hidden Files from there then you would be able to view Hidden Files & Folders. But if there is no such option to show Hidden Files or you can’t find such option then follow below-shared steps to view Hidden Photos & Files on the Android mobile phone.

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#1 Method via ES File Explorer

  1. At first, install ES File Explorer on your mobile phone from the Google Play Store.
  2. Now open ES File Explorer and on the homepage of ES File Explorer, you will find that it shows the collection of Music, Images, Videos, Docs etc.
  3. There you have to click on the Recycle Bin. Now it will show the deleted files, if you have deleted a file accidentally then you can restore it from Recycle Bin section. If you want to show Hidden Files & Folders then proceed further to the next step.
  4. Click on the Menu button at the top left corner, there you will find an option to “Show Hidden Files”. Tap on it and Turn it On.
  5. This will show you all the Hidden files of your mobile phone and you can see your files or photos by clicking on the respective section such as Images, Music, Videos etc.
  6. If still, you are unable to find your desired file which is hidden then open local directory tab in the ES File Explorer.
  7. It will show you all the files of your mobile phones.
  8. Now you will have to look for the folder where your hidden images could be stored such as DCIM folder and check whether your photos are there or not.
  9. This way you can find your hidden files using the ES File Explorer application.

#2 Method via Root Explorer App

This method is only for the rooted mobile phone users and if you have an unrooted mobile phone then please refer to #1 Method. So, if you have a rooted mobile phone and wants to view Hidden Files or Folders then follow below-shared steps carefully.

  1. At first, you have to install Root Explorer application on your mobile phone.
  2. Then open Root Explorer application and click on three dots at the top left corner of the application.
  3. There you will find an option to Show Hidden Files and you have to turn it On for viewing Hidden Files & Folders.
  4. Now it will show you your hidden files and folder in the respective section such as Photos, Videos, Music etc.
  5. If by enabling this option still you are unable to find your files and folders then you have to look for the directory where your files could be stored.
  6. For example, if you think your files were in the Camera folder and then they got hidden then open DCIM folder in the Root Explorer and there you will be able to find your hidden file.


So here we shared the easy guides to restore Hidden Files & Folders on the Android mobile phone. If you have hidden any file or folder accidentally then you can follow the above-shared methods to recover your files or folder.

If you are having any trouble in restoring files then please let us know via the comments section or you can leave your suggestions in the comments section. Do not forget to share this guide with your friends using social share buttons given below.

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