What does ‘User Not Found’ mean on Instagram?

You might have landed on an Instagram profile which shows User Not Found and you might be wondering what does it really mean? So let me tell you that there are various reasons behind this User Not Found. The most common reason is that the user might have deactivated or deleted his/her account.

But there are more reasons also such as if the person has blocked you then it may also show User Not Found on Instagram. Blocking isn’t the only reason of User Not Found issue. If the user has changed his/her username to something else then there are chances that Instagram may show you, User Not Found. 

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Reasons of User Not Found on Instagram

Here in this article, we are going to tell you some possible reasons behind this. Some people directly conclude that they are blocked from the person that’s why it shows User Not Found. Below we have listed the reasons for this line. Have a look at these.

#1: Changed Username

The very first reason behind User Not Found can be that the person might have changed his/her Instagram username. If someone changes their username on Instagram and your clicks on their old username from chats or mentions then there are chances that Instagram will show you User Not Found. 

This is the most common cause behind User Not Found line on Instagram. However, it doesn’t mean that everytime User Not Found means changed username. There can be some other reasons also which are as mentioned below.

#2: When Account is Deactivated/Disabled Temporarily

Another reason for User Not Found on Instagram can be that the person might have deactivated or disabled his/her account temporarily. When someone deactivates his/her account on Instagram then the account gets removed from the Instagram for the specific time period till which account is deactivated.

When you click on the Username and if it’s deactivated then there are chances that you may see User Not Found. Once they reactivate their account then you will not see User Not Found anymore.

#3: When Account is Deleted/Suspended

When someone violates the Instagram policy then Instagram takes down their account and hence the people who visit on their account may face User Not Found error. If someone’s account is suspended or they have deleted their account from Instagram permanently then you will see User Not Found on their profile.

Does User Not Found means he/she blocked me?

If you are thinking that User Not Found means they have blocked you then you are wrong because whenever someone blocks you then you can’s see their account and user not found doesn’t mean that you are blocked from the person. User Not Found can be because of the above-mentioned reasons.

If the user has blocked you then you can find their account from some other Instagram account and you will not be able to see them from the account on which you are blocked.


I hope you got to know about the reasons behind the USER NOT FOUND ON INSTAGRAM. If still you are confused about this issue then you can ask your query personally in the comments section below. We would be happy to assist your query.

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